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How it works

National Tender Council brings more than 1000 tenders right to your computer. With a massive user and tender database we aim to bring the most relevant tenders to you and to provide you with an easy way to apply for tenders. Our website also provides opportunities for businesses ranging from small to large to easily identify and apply for tender opportunities. It also allows for companies and government departments to put out tenders and easily screen for the most suitable tenderer. All relevant information of companies and tenders can now be viewed in one easy to use site.

Our website uses technology  to bring Companies as well as Government departments together faster and more efficient than ever before.

It is worth noting that our website displays public and private sector tenders updated daily. We  provide the following functionality in a user friendly medium:

  • Publication of public sector tenders.
  • Publication of private sector tenders.
  • Publication of companies along with their relevant information along with the tenders that these companies put out.
  • Search capability to identify tenders per:
    • Keyword Search
    • Industry: Defines the category of the company.
    • Location: The general location of the tender;
    • B-BBEE Level: B-BBEE level requirements for tenders.
  • Search capability to identify companies per:
    • Keyword Search functionality.
    • Industry: Defines the category of work wherein this company works.
    • Location: The general location of where the company is situated at;
    • B-BBEE Level: The level that the company is rated at;
    • Black Shareholder Percentage: The black ownership percentage of the specific company;
    • Black Female Shareholder Percentage: The percentage of company owned by black females;

Our COVID19 response

Due to the economic, social, and financial effects of the  Covid19 disease, we have desired to support companies by giving a Free 30 day Trial | Cancel any time.